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Here are just some videos of Nam the Man as talent, host, actor & performer for corporate events, TV shows, tv commercials, and more.

Please follow the link to Nam the Man's YouTube Channel to explore more about his professional works.
As a corporate icon for Sharp, Nam the Man has featured in this TVC which was aired throughout the Euro 2012 tournament throughout the South East Asia region including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Nam also performed for Sharp corporate events throughout 2012 as this year marks Sharp's 100 year anniversary!
Nam the Man completed 32 episodes of his own reality show in Vietnam.
Telling the story of himself returning to homeland Vietnam, he travels from the North to the South introducing freestyle football & street soccer challenging people from all walks of life.
He introduces food, culture, and travel spots as he travels by train, plane, and automobiles.


Broadcasting weekly by AVG throughout 2012.
Nam the Man has been acting as a judge at many competitive freestyle football competitions. 

He has judged top-level National, Asian & World Championships from 2009-2019.
Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore
Indonesia, Italy, Brazil.
Since the start of his career, his passion has driven him to be involved in developing the sport across the World with past Global Associations and Federations.
Currently, with the World Freestyle Football Association, registered in Canada, Nam the Man is Asia's regional director liaising with national representatives in this ever-evolving sport organizing and producing events with partners creating Champions by providing a platform to showcase their talents making him a well-respected authority in the region and in the sport.
He is responsible for delivering the Asian & National Championships that have taken place in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and China. 
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